Key facts at a glance:

  • Configurable charging capacity at various levels up to 11kW
  • Integrated type 2 charging cable with 4.5 m or 7 m cable length
  • Convenient cable suspension and plug socket
  • Charging station operating status display in optimized LED design
  • Access control with universal key switch
  • Easy-to-use charging station
  • Easy installation and fast start-up
  • Cost savings for installation thanks to integrated DC residual current protection
  • Remote access by the grid operator is possible, to ensure grid stability
  • High-quality manufacturin
  • Warranty extended to 5 years*
Charging Capacity

Home Use

Business Use

Wall Mounted

Pole Mounted


Back end connectivity

Single Phase

3 phase

Nominal Current (A)

Leakage Protecton

Integrated cable

Locking Mechanism



Network interface

Communication protocol

Operating temperature range